Mar 19, 2008

Way's Paintings

I have a friend here in providence who is a really talented artist, I decided to post some of his work without his permission. I hope you don't mind. His name is Way.

Lic​kin​g the​ Kni​fe 
Cop​yri​ght​ 200​7 
36"​x48​" Oil​ on Can​vas​

Cop​yri​ght​ 200​3 
35"​ X 48"​ acr​yli​c on can​vas​

Sho​gun​ II 
Cop​yri​ght​ 200​5 
60"​x60​" Acr​yli​c on can​vas​

Sac​rif​ice​ at the​ Vol​can​o 
Cop​yri​ght​ 200​8 
24"​x30​" Oil​ on Can​vas​

Feb 20, 2008

Yeasayer should be your favorite band

It has been an while. However, this is worth it. Yeasayer performing live on Conan. Amazing. 

Edit-The Conan video was removed for some reason so I put up two new videos of Yeasayer in Paris performing for lablogotheque. If you haven't listened to Yeasayer before you should. 

Feb 1, 2008

Vampire Weekend, maybe not the best band name but still good music

Ok so I had decided that I wouldn't post anything about music on here because there are a billion places you can read about the same thing from someone who is little more hipster than me. However, I have been listening to this Vampire Weekend album that is very good, and when I saw this video from Take Away Shows I just felt like I could make an exception. 

Jan 28, 2008

There will be blood, Most certainly

This soundtrack is amazing. 

Last night I saw PT Anderson's Film, There Will Be Blood, and I will definitely be telling you what I thought of it sometime today. 
(3 Days later)
Alright so anyone that was waiting to hear what I had to say about this film (probably nobody), the time has come. First I would just like to let you know that the main reason I went to see the film was the fact that Jonny Greenwood from radiohead did the score. Second reason I went was because Daniel Day Lewis is a genius. I will say that the music in this film was great, but had it not been for the amazing performance by Daniel Day Lewis this film would have been a bore. His performance single handedly made the film enjoyable. Though it does seem to drag a bit throughout the entire two and a half hours, Lewis' intensity and screen presence makes this film worth seeing. There is most certainly blood, lots of oil, fire, murder, and one of the greatest acting performances I have ever seen. Go see it. 

Jan 23, 2008


Today was the first day of classes this semester and made me realize a few things. First, I am extremely lazy and the body of work that I am required to produce this semester is going to test my dedication to this whole college degree idea. I also realized that at the age of 24 I feel really old in class with all of these 18 year olds. I am not sure if I should feel this way because I am not old by any means, however I am definitely starting to realize the maturity difference a lot more than I had. 
I also noticed how depressed everyone seems to look as they meander through campus. Maybe it is the lack of leaves on the trees or the bite of the frigid winter cold that turns everyone into wandering depressed zombies. It could just be the fact that I live in the north east. I do get a lot of comments on how I am always smiling, I just think they aren't used to it. 
Although everything I write is important, this is what I need to tell you; today in 2D synthesis Ernest asked us to write down 3 artists that popped into our minds and interested. Immediately I thought of an artist who's work I recently saw when I was at SOFA  Chicago last year. My first impression of her ceramic figures was that they were very haunting, and intense forms. Now after more reflection I feel that these figures have a very dark sort of beauty and they are by far some of my favorite art to date. Please take the time to go to her website and see some more of her work. Cristina Cordova

Jan 22, 2008

Super Vacation

The last month has been amazing. The studio that employed me for the last year and a half shut down and left me jobless. There is no work in this city and all of my funds are exhausted. To make the situation even better my old boss is contesting my unemployment benefits. What a nice guy he is.

Either way this month has been pretty uneventful and gave me some time to accomplish a few things that were on the back burner. I finally got some slides shot of my work from last semester, and I snapped a few digital shots for your viewing pleasure.

Concrete, Steel, Embroidery Thread
24" x 12" x 20"

Can we keep it mom, I swear it doesn't bite
Concrete, Steel, Embroidery thread
3' x 5' x 7'

Detail #1

Detail #2

Everything is for sale. I think you should give me money for it. 

Dec 10, 2007

Rage is for pussies

The end of the semester is closing in, I have a crap load of work to finish and on top of that I want to rip my bosses face off and feed it to his disgusting wife.

But enough about me. Take a peek at
Alex Pardee the super talented illustrator. If you like crappy music you might recognize the album art he did for The Used. Either way his stuff is interesting.

Dec 5, 2007

Broken ground

I am addicted to the television, and a fit of insomnia has led me to occupy my time by placing random thoughts and information on this page. The idea that someone will actually read this is absurd, however if you are reading this then you are a very lucky person. Inside my head are revelations that need to be shared, and what better outlet for that than the Internet. 

I would like to introduce everyone to one of my all time favorite artists, Tomi Ungerer. Mr. Ungerer was a cartoonist, illustrator of children's literature, but even more importantly a political activist and the creative genius behind some all time great activist posters. Do yourself a favor and take a look at some of Tomi's Sketches. If you don't like them it's not my fault.